China's Leading Research Institute of Global Mobile & Data Trends

Cheetah Global Lab is Cheetah Mobile’s mobile Internet focused research institution. Based on Cheetah Mobile’s data resources and data products, it conducts analysis into the mobile Internet and Big Data, and releases its findings through comprehensive reports and industry summits.

Reports and Analysis

Releases reports on mobile Internet and Big Data, providing global insights into these areas

Conferences and Summits

Organizes various industry summits, conferences and salons, bringing together Internet practitioners from around the globe

Influence and Reputation

Establishes long-term cooperative partnerships with many companies, institutions and notable media


Possesses a rich resource pool of original content and consultants, and shares its intelligence through training and speeches at different events

Reports and Analysis

So far, Cheetah Global Lab has released nearly 100 research reports, covering different industry segments, countries and regions, publishers and case studies, showing Internet practitioners the trends and insights into global market.

Reports: Industry Segments

Uncovers the hottest, fast-growing and most valuable trends in China and around the globe, describing the competition in those areas.

  • Chinese and Global Live-Streaming App Development Report
  • Global News App Industry & Trend Analysis
  • 2016 Global Sports App Insight
  • Chinese App Developer Overseas Report
  • Chinese Mobile Phone Overseas Development Report
  • 2015 Chinese Ride-Hailing App Ranking
  • 2015 Global Android Phone Junk Cleaning Data Report

Reports: Countries and Regions

Shows the diversity in global mobile Internet, highlighting the characteristics in different countries and regions.

  • Understanding Israel: Analysis of Israel’s Mobile Internet Market
  • Brazil’s Mobile Internet Development Report
  • Ramadan Report: A Survey of Mobile Internet User Behavior in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore
  • Japan’s Mobile Internet Development Report
  • 2016 Taiwan Mobile Security Report

Reports: Fast-Rising Rankings

Observes the most popular Chinese and Global Apps, analyzing and marking their ups and downs at different time periods.

Monthly Ranking of Apps and Games in Global Market
  • 2016 June Global App & Game Growth Ranking
  • 2016 May Global App & Game Growth Ranking
  • 2016 February Global App Ranking
Quarterly Chinese App Ranking
  • 2016 Q2 Chinese App Ranking,
  • 2016 Q1 Chinese App Ranking
Annually Global App Development Report
  • 2016 Global App Development Report
Annually Chinese App Report
  • 2015 Rankings of Chinese Apps

Articles: Case Studies

Covers the biggest trends and new product in the Chinese and Global Mobile Internet markets, providing the reasons behind their popularity and growth trajectories.

  • Three Key Elements for Copying the Miracle of Pokemon Go
  • Uber China Has Grown 300% during the Six Months, So Why Was it Still Acquired by Didi?
  • Two Reasons Why Tencent Doesn’t need to Buy TouTiao.
  • Rio 2016 Olympics Mobile Internet User Activity Report
  • Rio 2016 Olympics China's Image on Facebook
  • App Lock Brand Advertisement Analysis

Data Source

Cheetah Global Lab’s reports and analysis are produced based on the huge amount of data gathered from Cheetah Mobile’s various products.

Cheetah Mobile is a leading mobile Internet company, and the #3 non-game mobile app developer on Google Play worldwide. Its extensive product portfolio consists of mission-critical utility applications such as Clean Master, CM Security, Battery Doctor, CM Locker, Photo Grid and Duba Anti-virus, as well as content-based offerings such as news aggregation app News Republic and the popular live streaming platform As of September 2016, installations of Cheetah Mobile products had reached 3.4 billion, with 612 million monthly active users on mobile devices across the globe. 80% of the monthly active users are from outside of China.

Based on the huge amount of data gained from these applications, as well as Cheetah Mobile’s data analysis products like “libra”, Cheetah Global Lab releases reports and research articles, and hosts salons and events focused on the trends and changes in mobile Internet development around the world.changes in mobile Internet development around the world.

Data Coverage

Data Indicators

Operation data of Apps globally

Conference and Summit

Cheetah Global Lab regularly organizes, takes part in, and sets up booths at various industry summits, conferences and salons. CGL’s experts frequently deliver speeches and hold training seminars at events. These activities bring together App developers, investors and Internet practitioners from around the globe.


On April 4, 2016, Cheetah Global Lab held its “Cheetah Connect Summit" in Beijing, which had a huge influence within the industry. The event discussed future tech, artificial intelligence, big data and other topics. Speakers included App developers, investors, and scholars from Silicon Valley, Israel, India, Japan, China, Taiwan and other regions. More than 1,000 people attended the event, along with more than one hundred media outlets. Approximately 300,000 people watched and listened to the summit via live stream and live audio.

Most of the speakers of Cheetah Connect Summit have agreed to join CGL as consultants.